Sunday, August 9, 2015

Local Adventures : Best Places in Pittsburgh

I've been wanting to check out Pittsburgh for the longest time. So when the opportunity came to spend the week with one of my best friends, who happens to live half an hour from the city, everything worked out perfectly.

The drive was a tough one of over five hours, but it was beautiful! We passed so many state parks (it took everything within me not to pull over) and the whole drive was through mountains. I was amazed at the countless amount of trees. I praised throughout the whole drive.

In the city, we hopped around from coffee shops to the prettiest stores all while honoring my One Year Local challenge. Everything was perfect. Amy knows me so well and I couldn't help but wish I lived closer.

I was also able to visit some friends from college and get to know Amy's sweet family. (And her cats. Which may have been my favorite part.)

The drive was beautiful and green the whole way.

No. 14
Classy and smelled so good, but I was mostly obsessed 
with that brick wall. Check out this independent boutique here.

Mt. Washington
This was my favorite night. If you're in Pittsburgh, 
you have to see this view! Get the info here.

Roxanne's Dried Flowers
I would have honestly bought everything in this store if I could.
I ended up with a French garden print that I've been wanting for
years, and the cutest succulent for my classroom. Check it out here
- you'll love it!

Espresso a Mano
Such a cute coffee shop and located perfectly next to so many
cute shops and boutiques! If you're in the area, go here!

Allegheny Coffee and Tea Exchange
Located in the heart of the Strip District, this place is filled (literally
filled) with coffee beans. Half of the store is full of mugs, tea bags, and 
accessories. And baskets and baskets of coffee beans! If you're here 
in the summer, try their lavender lattes! And if you're vegan like me, 
order your drink with CASHEW milk. It's the best.

Point State Park
Tons of events are held here, or you can just come here to relax in the
park. I loved this area and I wish I could have stayed longer. Click here
for more information.

  • Choose a good driver. The roads are extremely tricky, with windy streets and bridges literally everywhere! 
  • Bring cash! Places like the Carnegie Museum of Art is cash only for parking. Also, I had to charge my card for every time I street parked, so my statement has several one dollar transactions. Which isn't necessarily bad, just annoying!

Let me know if I missed out on any good attractions, and I'll make sure to hit them next time I go! I know there will be a next time because I already miss Amy so much. Also, check out Amy's blog here. It's beautiful, just like her!


  1. Love your photos. Sounds like you had a great trip.

  2. Great Blog post sounds like you had a great time, maybe one day I will get over there to explore myself from Australia :)

  3. Beautiful pictures! And oh my word, totally in love with that brick wall!