Sunday, August 2, 2015

Let's Be Honest about Social Media

I'm hardly on facebook, and I check twitter randomly. Some days I post three times and sometimes there are weeks between posts. And if you've tried to keep up with my blog, you see that I post very, very sporadically. But I love instagram. I love posting snapshots of my days because when I look back, I get to experience those memories all over again.

I have heard many people upset because their life isn't "instragram perfect". And that is the part I don't understand. I instagram to keep memories, not to impress other people. Because one knows what is going on on the other side of the picture.

For example...

We were so excited to try this cute taco and smoothie
stand, and we sat down at the outside seating..until we realized
we were sitting right next to a huge heap of trash bags. And it
started to smell. So we wandered around until we found
a random bench and it was right next to a stoplight so everyone
who stopped at the light got the privilege of watching us eat our tacos. 
Not a pretty sight. But a pretty picture.

Posted a healthy breakfast. Took two bites, and here's
a fun fact. I hate blueberries. I tried to stand it for the antioxidants
but I ended up eating around all of the blueberries. So don't
think I'm healthy. Because I'm not.

Nick and I bought this towel together and celebrated as if
we had picked out our first house together. Then I took this picture.
Then a bird pooped all over it.

Actually, this brunch was awesome for me. However, my friend's
 coffee tasted so nasty. Like unbelievably nasty. I think the cream 
must have gone sour. It tasted like chemicals. But when I see this
picture, I have to laugh at how incredibly awful it was! And how
incredibly good mine was. She's the sucker here.

While I appreciate people telling me that Nick and I are a
cute couple, let me just be honest and say that I only took this "artsy"
picture because we tried to take selfies so many times and they
all looked SO bad. We cringed and deleted them right away.
So our feet looked better than our faces.

Nick picked these gorgeous flowers for me on our walk and I
fell in love with the way I arranged them. So I took a picture, had a
sneezing fit from all of the allergens, and immediately threw them
outside. Sorry, babe.

I read the first chapter like three times, and I was still confused
so I stopped reading. Also, my reading glasses make my eyes hurt.

My life is not perfect. I take fun pictures to capture memories. I go through my feed and laugh at all of the crazy memories and the imperfect situations. Don't ever wish to be someone else based on their travel posts, twitter feed, or instagram likes. Take pictures for yourself, for your memories. Or don't take any pictures at all. Just don't base assumptions off of social media. Because birds poop on everything and blueberries are gross.


  1. I love this and this is the whole reason I started #LetsBeRealTogether - to share the unedited, real moments of the day! The reality is - NONE of our lives are perfect! Happy to share the ugly, messy moments too!

  2. "She's the sucker here." Hahahaha thanks Jess :) Love this post and the honesty.

  3. This was a fun post. I loved seeing your beautiful pictures, and hearing the stories behind them.

  4. LOVE this post. I adore your honesty, how many times have we "staged" a photo to make it look good? (I'm guilty), there's always hidden secrets behind every picture. So appreciate you going through a few pictures and sharing the little gems.

  5. Thank you for the laughs this morning. This is so true. This is life. haha Off to read more of your blog, I'm a new fan!

  6. I loved loved loved this post Jess! It made me giggle a few times and is an excellent reminder that life is far from "picture perfect', no one knows what's behind the screen, and to laugh off the seemingly ridiculous situations in life. Thanks for sharing this and putting a smile on my face! <3

  7. LOL!! You found yourself a new blog reader! I loved reading this post! Thank you for pointing out the obvious; that most of us try to make our lives look so much better than it really is!! The bird pooping on the flag is hilarious!

  8. I absolutely love this! It's so refreshing when people let you see the funny and not so perfect things going on. I'm a nut when it comes to creamer, I have to check it out before I put it in my coffee.

  9. Haha, I enjoyed reading this so much! The pictures are beautiful, and the stories behind them are even better. I'm following you on Instagram now!

  10. Well, I was going to follow you on Insta... what's your username? Haha :D Thank you!

  11. This really made me smile! And giiiirrrrllll I hear you on the "take a million selfies, they all stink...sooo feet" dilemma. Great post!