Monday, September 7, 2015

Summer Re-Cap

Lots of dates.

Lots of books.

Lots of crossing things off my bucket list.

Lots of hikes.

Lots of new cities.

Lots of exploring new places.

Lots of beach trips.

Lots of green smoothies.

Lots of driving.

Lots of museums.

Lots of crisp nights.

Lots of local cafes.

Lots of farmer's markets.

Lots of celebrating friends' marriages and successes.

Also starting a new job as a second grade teacher!

Also..fall doesn't start til September 23rd. So it's still summer, and no one can stop me. More hikes, more coffee dates, more parties, more traveling!

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  1. It sure looks and sounds like an exciting and fun-filled summer! I like to keep summer as long as possible, too, keep celebrating it well into September! :)

  2. Jessica I am so glad that we were nearby this summer :) I love you and I am so excited for all this upcoming season holds for you, Ms. Lee!