Monday, January 26, 2015

Dear Future Husband: Before I'm With You

Dear Future Husband,

I just wanted to let you know that my life is not going to "start" once I marry you.

My life has already begun, and I want to take advantage of every second of it.

I can't wait to be with you, but until then, I am going to make memories so that one day, I'll be able to tell you stories. I'm going to travel, work hard, go on adventures, and make the most of every minute of my life. Because my life has already started.

I do not need you to have a good time. I do not need you to feel complete. I am complete, I am whole, and God has a purpose for my life. His plans for me don't start after I get a husband. They've already started. They're happening now.

When we're finally together, we'll go to Europe together, or maybe Mexico, or maybe anywhere. I've always found going alone to be a bit boring. I can't wait to have hobbies with you. Dumb hobbies. Like playing parcheesi or yard sale shopping on the weekends. Or putting together a puzzle. I'd even but together a puzzle with you. How dumb is that?

So someday we will be together, having fun and traveling and playing parcheesi.

But until then, I'll be having fun.

And I hope you are, too.

Because on the nights when it storms or when I can't sleep, I want you to tell me stories. And if you are waiting to live until we get married, how will you have any stories to tell me?

I've been thinking about you today. Someday I'll tell you stories of all of my adventures. Like when there was a moose in my front yard. Or when I was lost for hours during my first camping trip. Or when I parasailed through the Nepali mountains.

God has great plans for your life now; He has great plans for my life now. And He has plans for us together. Glorify Him now with your own life, so that later, we can glorify Him together.



  1. CRYING. Jess the man that asks you to marry him is going to be a very lucky man <3

  2. Amen! His plans for your have already started. There is no first love like Jesus!

  3. Honestly, this is the best and most beautiful letter to a future husband I have ever read. Too many people believe that their life doesn't truly begin until they say "I do" and that simply isn't true. I have to save this to read again later or share. Thanks so much for writing this! <3

    alyssa nicole @

  4. I've written a few letters like this, and they usually end with something like "What are you waiting for?!?! Come sooooooonnn!!" But I guess along the way I've realized exactly what you wrote here, that 'life isn't going to "start" when I marry you.' That is so true, thanks for sharing!!

    Becca @

  5. Love this idea for a post! I kept a notebook where I wrote dozens and dozens of letters to my future husband over the course of my high school and part of my college years. Now that I am marrying him in six months I am SO excited to give him that notebook on our honeymoon. He will be worth the wait. I promise. :-)

  6. This is so cute! Love the message it sends, too.

  7. This is such a great message to send. I also write letters to my future husband. I find it a great way to prepare myself and share my life with him. God Bless