Thursday, August 18, 2016

Punderdome - Game Night with Friends

I absolutely love playing games. Any kind of game - from Mario Party to Life to WiiSports to scavenger hunts. Laughing with your friends, arguing over rules, and bragging that you are the winner.

I recently played Punderdome at the beach with my closest friends. A few of my friends, my boyfriend included, think that they are the most hilarious people in the world. (Don't tell them that they're right!) A few of my other friends, myself included, are a little less loud and jokey. And let's be honest, when we try to crack jokes, they come out cheesy. This game is perfect for both groups.

This is why it's so great -

You have approximately a minute to think of a pun that relates to two random cards pulled by the host. While your jokester friends will probably think of something first, this gives plenty of time for your thoughtful friends to think of something. They are all written down and given to the host. The host reads them out loud and chooses the best one. Similar rules to Apples to Apples.

It is so funny because my boyfriend, who prides himself in being quick and witty, was hardly ever chosen the winner. And he made it a BIG deal, trying to convince the host that his was the best. It's been about a week and he still asks me why I didn't choose his.

I'm known for being quiet in groups of people, but a few times, I thought of some really funny ones. For example, another part of the game is to be the first to come up with a pun that correctly answers a joke. "When's the best time to go to the the dentist?" "Tooth-thirty." It doesn't have to be the "correct" answer, it just has to be a pun and it has to make sense with the question.

One of my friends read a question - I'm quoting this from memory so the question might be off slightly - "Who is the cleanest member of the royal family?" and I suddenly shout out "Queen Eliza-bath!" I crack myself up. Was it groan-worthy? Oh, yes. But was it a pun? Yes. Did it make sense? Yes. I WIN!

The game got a little boring after a while, especially if you weren't winning. But this is a game that I can't wait to show all of my friends! Everyone in my group of friends, with differing personality styles and senses of humor, all had a good time with this game.

Through Blogging for Books, I was given a free copy of Punderdome in exchange for an honest review.

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